Registering and Logging In

How do I register?

From the homepage, click on "Request An Account" at the upper right hand corner of the page. When prompted in the new window, please fill in all fields of information so we can get to know your organization better. Once submitted, an email will be generated to Remember Me. You should expect to receive a response via email within one business day.

Want something sooner? Call us toll free at 800.587.4470 during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

I forgot my password. How do I recover it?

Please check with your project leader or staff administrator. If you are a project leader or staff administrator, you will need to contact our support staff.

Is there a cost to create an account?

There is no cost to create an account.  If you wish to set up a test book to test the functionality of our site, please contact our support staff.

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Managing Your Project

What does "Project Status" mean?

The status of your project can be "in process" or "closed". In process projects are available for you or other team members to edit.  If a project is closed, no one can make changes to the project.

Do I need to save my work?

Yes. Any time you are working on a page in a section, you should periodically "Save" the page/section.  When you attempt to leave a page or section, you will be prompted to "Save" any changes.  Unsaved changes will disappear if you exit a section without saving.

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Do you accept purchase orders?

Purchase orders can be accepted for verified organizations. Your original contract will need to include verifiable school or organization information. Once a credit check has been completed, your project will be marked for acceptance of a P.O. and invoicing, net 20 days, for the balance of your program. Please contact customer service with any questions.

If I do not finish a project, will I be charged for it?

No. As long as your project has not been submitted as an order, no charges are incurred. If an order has been placed and cancellation is requested, you will be responsible for any actual production work completed to the date you cancelled the order.

Our school prefers to pay by check. How do I send you a check payment?

If you have been approved for acceptance of a P.O. or invoicing for the balance of the order, checks can be mailed to Remember Me, 10501 Rhode Island Ave, Beltsville, MD 20705. Please include your user name and order# with the payment.

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Personalization Options

What personalization options are available?

Personalized covers with a name or picture will be available in future updates. We will notify all users as new features are brought online.

We'd like to feature our school colors throughout the book. Can we use specific colors for our text and backgrounds?

A full spectrum color chart is available when making your color choices. Simply remember the color settings for use each time to have consistency throughout your pages. Share the settings with other users.

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Technical Requirements

Does your site work on iPads and tablets?

Our site uses HTML5.  That means it works well on iPads and tablets, as well as desktops. Because of screen size, it is not recommended to design pages on a phone.

What browser should I use?

Most current browsers work great with our site.  Internet Explorer can be a problem, particularly older versions of IE. Because of that, we recommend Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Will I need to download any additional software to use your program?

No, complete functionality is included online.  You do not need to have Flash. You will need to have a PDF reader to see a proof.

Do you have any help videos available?

New help videos will be available on our site as they are created. New topics will continually be added. Please check back frequently.

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Artwork and Design Themes

Can I use my own backgrounds for page designs?

User created backgrounds can be uploaded in the same manner as any other images if they are the proper size.  We highly recommend you create an album just for these large background files.  Optimum Image Size:  8.75" X 11.25" at 300 dpi (2,625 X 3,375 pixels). Minimum Required Size: 4.375" X 5.625" (1,312 X 1,687 pixels). Critical Content Area: within the full size image of 8.75" X 11.25", allow 3/4" (0.75") margin on all four sides that should not contain critical content (faces, etc.). Image Placement: When placing your background make sure you keep your image in the original aspect ratio (do not stretch the image) and place the image so the image edge is slightly outside the full page size (off the page) on all four sides. This is to allow the image to be trimmed to the edge as a "bleed edge".

Can I use my own clip art in my project?

Clip art can be uploaded to the site in the same manner that you would upload any other image. After you have uploaded your clip art, you can place it on a page and use it as desired, subject only to the original image resolution/size limitations.

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Using the Design Tools

How do I access a section/page when the "section in use" warning is displayed?

You can divide your book into sections that can then be assigned to team members. Multiple team members assigned the staff or editor roles can work on the book at the same timejust not on the same section/pages at the same time. If you have a staff admin or project leader role, you have the authority to take over the section that is currently in use. Team members with an editor or staff role have to wait until the section is no longer in use to work on it.

How do I order more books?

The project leader may place additional orders for your project at any time.

What does the "low resolution" warning mean?

A small yellow triangle with a black exclamation point in the middle will appear on the upper left of an image when it is below our recommended resolution. An image below our recommended resolution has the potential to print poorly on the final product. If you have enlarged the image, making it smaller can improve the resolution. Try to work with images in their original size to obtain the best quality reproduction.

How do I add a text box?

When in the design tool, click on the left tab titled "Text" and then click on the "ADD TEXT BLOCK" button. Two boxes will appear. One will be directly below the button and the other will appear in the design. You can write your text in either place.  You can move the text in the design using your mouse (PC) or finger (tablet).  You can make the text box bigger by moving the grey corners. If you put your cursor on the dot above the text box, you can rotate the text.   Also, with the text selected, at the bottom of the page, you can adjust the font type and size, the text color and the alignment.

How do I correct student or teacher names?

Go to the "Photos" tab within the management section. Click on the student or teacher you want to edit and then select "Modify". A pop-up will appear. From there, you can edit the name. In addition, you can edit the photo, make it active or inactive, change the type (student, teacher or non-teacher staff) and the grade.  If the photos have already been flowed into the yearbook, you will need to re-flow the pages in order for the changes to take effect.

How do I delete a page?

In the designer, go to the tab "Preview Book" and drag the page you want to delete so that it is the last page in the section. Go to the management tools and click on sections. Reduce the number of pages in the section by one. Note that not all users have the ability to delete pages.

How do I delete a section?

Go to the management tools and click on "Sections". Click the "Remove" button to the right of the section you wish to delete. Note that not all users have the ability to delete sections.

How do I modify the style of text in a text box?

With the text selected, at the bottom of the page, you can adjust the font type and size, the text color and the alignment.

How do I move a section?

Please note that not all users have permission to move sections and you might need to check with a project leader or staff administrator to move sections.

From the "Sections" page, click on the "Settings" button and change the start page of the section. The other sections will automatically be adjusted. For example, if the boys basketball section starts at page 10 and the girls basketball starts at page 20, changing the start page of the girls basketball section to 10 will swap the sections. In this example, you would click on the "Settings" button to the right of girls basketball and change the drop down for "Starting Page Number" to 10.

How do I rotate images, text or clipart?

If you put your cursor on the dot above the box containing the element, a rotate symbol will appear. You can then use your cursor to rotate the element.

What does the "page layout" tool do?

The page layouts are available in the yearbook designer. They are under the "Stock Art" tab on the upper left side of the designer. Click on "layouts" and then simply drag the layout of your choice onto the page you are designing. These layout templates help you arrange candid photos and text on the page, ensuring that these elements are lined up and look professional. If you do not want to use a particular photo space in a layout, you need to delete it. These layouts cannot be applied to pages that include portraits.

You are not required to use layouts on your pages. You can place photos, as well as text and clip art, wherever you like on a page. Be sure to explore the "backgrounds" and "clip art" tools that are also under the "Stock Art" tab. If you click on "backgrounds", the backgrounds that match your theme will appear. You may view all other backgrounds by clicking on the "back" link. If you click on "clip art", the clip art that matches your theme will appear. All the other categories of clip art will be listed below the matching clip art.

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Student Data

Will I need to re-create or re-flow a student section after I have added a student or corrected a name?


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Many parents at my school have pictures they'd like to share for the yearbook. Do you provide an area for anyone to upload photos for our project?

We recommend that only authorized users contribute content. All submissions of images for a yearbook project should be coordinated through the yearbook adviser for content. Please contact them directly.

What if we want to include popular images from current social media in a ''Year In Review' section, for instance? Are there any copyright restrictions if we limit distribution to our school community?

Yes. All images derived from a news source are normally under copyright and the rights to use the images should be secured from the source. Only images clearly defined or marked as "Public Domain" or "Royalty Free" may be used without consent under certain circumstances. Certain restrictions may still apply so it is always best to check with the source.

If I crop a photo in the designer, will it be saved this way on the site?

Yes. When you crop a photo, the cropped version of the photo will be saved on the page on which it has been placed. The original version of the image will be available to use again from its original location.

Is there a limit to the number of photos I can upload?

Currently, there is no limit except for the time you want to spend uploading images or managing a large number of images online. We highly recommend you narrow your image selections prior to uploading. This will save you a great deal of time uploading and then sorting your images online.

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Yearbook Team Access

Is there a role that would allow someone to view the project but not be able to edit It?

Yes. The role of Proofer can only view the sections and pages.

If I want to invite someone to join my project, will they need to create an account?

Yes. When you invite someone to join your project, they will receive an email directing them to register before they can join your project. If the person being invited does not have an email address or does not wish to use it, the project leader will be sent the email. Once this person has registered, they will be added to your team.

Can more than one person work in one section?

Multiple team members can work on the book at the same time--just not on the same section at the same time. If you have a staff/admin or project leader role, you have the authority to take over the section that is currently in use. Team members with an editor or staff role have to wait until the section is no longer in use to work on it.

We would like to have a center spread in our yearbook. How can we do this?

True center spreads only occur at specific page positions within a book depending on the binding type selected.  Even so, the binding selected may take up a slight margin in the middle (gutter) of the two-page spread.  Two-page spreads should be cut exactly in half and uploaded and placed as two full page images on the two desired opposing pages. Full page images should measure 8.75" X 11.25" at 300 dpi (2,625 X 3,375 pixels). IMPORTANT: When taking a picture to be used as a two-page spread, you should make sure that the middle of the image does not contain critical content. If it is a group shot, you should actually split the group into two groups with a space in the middle so no one in the picture disappears in the gutter area of the spread.

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Can I print a proof of my order?

If you are a project leader, you can generate a proof. Go to the General tab. On the right, you will see a button to generate a proof. If can take five minutes to up to a few hours for us to generate the proof. When it is ready, we will send you an email with a link to the proof.  It is rendered as a PDF with 50% resolution. Because it is at 50%, things will not be as sharp as they will be in the final product..

Can I have a proof book printed before placing my order?

Yes. The price per copy for your yearbook is determined by the number of pages and the binding type selected and not the final quantity of books ordered. The price for a proof book is the same as the price per copy for your final order. To order a proof book, please contact customer service.

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Multiple Projects & Student Data

I uploaded some photos for one project. Can I transfer them to another project?

Uploaded images are only available for the project to which they were uploaded. To use the same images for a different project, please upload your images directly to your new project.

Will I need to re-create or re-flow a student section after I have added a student or corrected a name?



Do you offer expedited shipping options?

Yes. Our normal shipping is via UPS Ground to the contiguous U.S. Upgraded shipping to 2nd Day or Overnight is available but can be very expensive for larger sized orders. Costs vary depending on final order size, number of boxes and weights, along with the delivery zone. Once your order size has been determined, estimates can be provided. Our best recommendation: Take advantage of our fast delivery time. Submit your final order in time to allow just 10 business days for delivery.

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Late Orders

I missed the ordering deadline at my school and would like to purchase a yearbook for my child.
How can I do this?

You will need to contact your school and speak with your yearbook adviser (the project owner). Individual orders cannot be submitted without confirmation from the project owner.

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Mailing List

I received a sales flyer from you and would like to be removed from your mailing list. Who do I need to contact?

Please call Customer Service toll free at 800.587.4470 or send an email to with your school name, city and state information. Your name will be removed from all subsequent mailings for the current school year.

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